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Working Comittee for historical cultural landscape research in Central Europe (ARKUM)

ARKUM perceives itself as a junction in a network of historical cultural landscape research in Central Europe.
The intention of the nonprofitmaking association is to develop scientific research, to gather information as well as to educate about the history of the cultural landscape, particularly with regard to Central Europe including cultural landscape conservation.
Five aspects bundle the common interests of the 350 members of ARKUM, which come from several countries of Central Europe:
  • genesis and change of the cultural landscape: cultural landscape is the environment, that humans changed in historical time including all settlement sites
  • historical profoundness: that includes the period from prehistory, over the Middle Ages, Early Modern Times up to the present to point out space-time-analogies
  • interdisciplinary cooperation between archaeologists, historians and geographers
  • examination of methods and terms of the historical cultural landscape research, which includes archaeological methods, the interpretation of archival documents and maps, the integration of natural scientific findings and the analysis of landscapes as a medium of historicity
  • incorporation of practice: the Working Group for Applied Historical Geography deals with the realization of fundamental research for planning processes
The comittee continues the work of the former “Working Comittee for genetical research of settlements in Central Europe” (1974-2004) without stepping into its legal succession.
ARKUM implements its activities and requests by:
  • organizing annual conventions each September as well as conferences for the Working Group for Applied Historical Geography
  • editing publications and research reports especially for the periodical “Siedlungsforschung – Archäologie – Geschichte – Geographie” and the series “Kulturlandschaft”
  • cooperating with organizations and initiatives which also operate in the field dealing with the history of cultural landscapes and cultural landscape conservationthe animation and realization of research projects
The comitee finances itself by the contributions of its members, by donations and the realization of projects.
If you are interested in our committee please contact Prof. Dr. Winfried Schenk ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.])  


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